Advent Bubbles

Posted on December 10, 2021


Updating Blowing Bubbles episode list (or daily updates via facebook).

335. Sam Wilton in Wellington

Generous Spirit and Curious Bubbles

336. Rachel McNamara at Otago Polytechnic.

Postively Buckets of Bubbles

337. Paul Moon in Auckland 

Historical Aotearoa Bubbles

338. Linda Tuhiwai Smith in Hamilton

Decolonising Bubbles

339. Martin Andrew in St Leonards

Wacky yet beliveable Bubbles

340. Kevin Hollingsworth In Porirua 

Mana Enhancing Bubbles

341.  Carolyn Hamill and Mawera Karetai in Whakatāne

Vetting Bubbles

342. Jack Karetai-Barrett in Whakatāne

Go Mountain Biking Bubbles

343. Mawera Karetai in Whakatāne

Doctor Idenity Activist Bubbles

344. Charlie Rahini in MIQ in Christchurch 

Forward Thinking Bubbles

345. Matemoana McDonald in Matapihi

Heartened Bubbles