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Upcoming workshop: The role of ICT in transforming society through engaged communities

July 20, 2015


I’m very happy that this workshop will be held at ICT4S in September (see more info here) On the basis that sustainability problems are not amenable to single-point interventions (because they are both wicked and numerous), we need a step-change in how we approach ICT4S.  Rather than trying for separate interventions for every aspect, or for […]

Computing and sustainability in billboard mash-up

October 30, 2008


Today I have been inundated with evidence of the power of computing and its relevance to sustainability. It seems that everyone I know has found the Green’s “make your own Vote for Me billboard“. This is brilliant viral marketing that engages you with their brand message. It seems the very act of looking through your […]

eLivingCampus wireframes and paper prototyping

October 22, 2008


Robert Fulghum famously wrote that all he really needed to know he learned in kindergarten.  He meant, of course, the important stuff like sharing and not hitting, but perhaps he also meant cutting out.    In the development of the eLivingCampus we’ve been doing just that with our paper based prototyping.  We first develop wireframe […]

The Wall at Te Papa

October 16, 2008


There’s a great new interactive exhibit at Te Papa.   The Wall is part of a big new development “Our Space”.    I stood and watched people interacting with the wall for ages.  Much of the time they were playing with the technology but unconciously perhaps they’re telling the story of New Zealand(ers).  It’s not […]

Steam’s up for the Prime Minister

September 16, 2008


Well that was an interesting afternoon.     We’ve been to the opening of the Emperor’s Dragons at the Otago Museum.  Then, after nearly 90 minutes of speeches (being translated three ways), Phil and I dashed to the Dunedin Gas Works Museum for for another  function.  The reason for the busyness was the Prime Minister. […]