Keeping track

Posted on August 24, 2010


Here’s a round up of recent conversations here and in the various media.

Keep neurosurgery in Dunedin.

We set up this facebook page to bring attention to the nonsensical proposal to remove neurosurgery from Dunedin Hospital. The South has joined the fight in large numbers with heartfelt and reasoned messages.

Samuel Mann talks with Channel 9‘s Tess Brosnan about what we need to do now (continue to spread the word, continue to gather stories and messages of support, and keep the pressure on).

David Russell meets with community leaders.

Discussions on DCC has lost the plot

Discussions on What if: Dunedin

Dunedin specific posts to ComputingforSustainability: Submission on Dunedin Digital Strategy, Residents’ Opinion Survey; Objections in Parliament; Neurosurgery march

Other media: Panel will talk to community (ODT), Panel member to begin process of reviewing community perspective, Panel member engaged in stories (ODT),  Hopes for big turn-out (ODT)   Town Hall public meeting (ODT),

Community gardens (ODT),  Candidate profile (ODT).


Five Greater Dunedin candidates on Radio Toroa: click to listen, or  download.

Sam and Richard Thomson on Syd Adie’s election programme on Toroa Radio. (30 mins).    click to listen or download.

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