Summer Bubbles

Posted on February 5, 2022


Catching up on the summer break’s worth of Blowing Bubbles. Adding to the full list of Blowing Bubbles episodes.

346. Hinemoana Baker in Berlin 

Nach Hause kommen Bubbles

347. Andry Kilsby at Otago Polytechnic

Relational Bubbles

348. Rachel Elder in City Rise

Just Chill Bubbles

349. Helen Papuni and Jonathan Lynch at Otago Polytechnic

Lighting Fire Bubbles

350. Guy Hobson in Katikati

Storied Bubbles

351. Rachel Bailey in North East Valley

Bubbles Looking Up

352. Sian Hannagan in Mornington

Creative Bubble Satisfaction

353. Anne-Marie Davis in Kaitangata

Bubble Meadow

354. Andy Williamson on the Isle of Skye (Christmas 2021)

Pohutukawa on Skye Bubbles

355. Sandrine Feillet in Normanby (New Year’s Eve)

Celebrate Bubbles

356. Kier Russell in Caversham

Do-ocracy Bubbles

357. Miriam Leslie in Ōpoho

Woven Rubber Bubbles

358. Ros Ellison in Kapiti

Kapiti Bubbles

359. Amber Bridgman

Cloaks of Good Bubbles

360. Julia Van Der Leij

Good Bubble People

361. Sarah Mcdougall in Broad Bay

Liking People Bubbles

362. Jon Foote in St Clair

Data Bubbles

363. Simon McCallum in Mosgiel

Learning Gamed Bubbles

364. Britte van der Pouw in Harlem (North Holland).

Pixel-pushing Peacock Bubles