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Talking about games and sustainability

November 5, 2017


Someone asked me today if I know of anyone who has thought about connections between games design and sustainability. They’ve come to the right place.  Turns out I’ve talked to a lot of people in this space: Josh Tanenbaum:    Design fictions through games Ann Pendelton-Julian:  (architecture really, but interesting thoughts about games creating conditions) […]

Thoughts for Chris’ design students visiting Paris

January 22, 2014


My friend Chris Ebbert is taking a class of UK product designers to Paris. What should they see he asks?  Here are my thoughts (it was a 3k straight swim this morning so lots of time for thinking). I’m sure there are places such as product design museums or particular icons that you should have […]

Design for developing scientific inquiry

May 22, 2012


At CHI recently I met with Michael Gubbels who is a graduate student in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, University of Maryland. Michael and his colleagues are working on SINQ: Scientific INQuiry Learning using Social Media. This is exciting work. Promoting the process of scientific inquiry in this manner is aligned with the PISA study’s Green […]

Modelling sustainability in the chaotic and unpredictable

June 16, 2011


I’m always on the lookout for ways of engaging people in sustainability.  And I just realised that I have a great tool on my shelf already.  So, here’s something completely different that does that engaging: Fluxx. Fluxx, from Looney Labs is a card game that is all about change. It is a draw-play-discard game in […]

Computing is ubiquitous, but experiences are design-led

July 1, 2010


Knuth described the “art of programming”, but the relationship between art and code is somewhat uneasy. For many years we have seen papers at conferences making excuses for computing students’ inabilities when it comes to design. Those of us who teach computing have all sat through assessments where students show us something functional but truly […]

Designing for conscious human behaviours for eco-friendly interaction

February 15, 2010


I’m off to CHI in April.   Last year I was impressed by all the work going on in Sustainable Interaction Design (see my post on Sohn’s paper).    Nearly 12 months later,   I’m not so sure.    Here’s my position paper for a workshop on SID. Much of the work in Sustainable interaction design (SID) has […]

Extraordinary computing

May 12, 2009


Susan Wyche gave a paper at CHI recently: Extraordinary computing: religion as a lens for reconsidering the home (ACM DL).  In it she uses religion as as a lens to examine assumptions and values that shape future  domestic structures.  Her focus was not on faith-laden technology, but on how offline faith affects how people interact.  Following […]