Catching Bubbles

Posted on November 18, 2021


Taking Blowing Bubbles episode list from 298 to 334.

298.  Ron Bull at Otago Polytechnic 

Aroha Bubbles

299. Toni O’Beirne in Rangiora 

Hope in Bubbles

300.  Steve Henry in Nelson

Unfired Brick Bubbles

301. Andrew Watson in Whakatāne

Performing Positively Bubbles

302. Ruth Carraway in Milton

Happy Bubble Dramas

303. Lisa Hickling in Tauranga

Bold Meaningful Bubbles

304. Kieran McAnulty in Wellington

Whipped Bubbles

305.  Rosalind Manowitz in Halfway Bush 

Fairy Bubbles

306. – Heather Carston in Te Kuiti

Number 8 Bubbles

307. Tāmati Coffey in Wellington 

Mana Enhancing Bubbles

308. – Sophie Sparrow in Pine Hill

Empowered Curious Bubbles

309. Leigh Hart in Auckland

Unfiltered Bubbles

310. – TessTrotter in North East Valley

Community-led Bubbles

311. Ron Wakkary in Vancouver 

Design With Bubbles

312. Clare Cross In North East Valley

Urban Sanctuary Bubbles

313.  James Stanbridge in Whakatāne

Dissolving Camera Bubbles

314. Andy Thompson on Aotea Great Barrier Island

Choose Good Bubbles

315. Tui Marama Keenan from Gisborne

Hunter Gatherer Bubbles

316. Rob England in Porirua 

Open Adaptive Bubbles

317. – Shane Salt in Melbourne

Can Can Knit Bubbles

318. Leo Lublow-Catty in Tomahawk

Rakatahi Bubbles

319. Celia Wade-Brown at the edge of the Tararuas

Bubbles Living Lightly

320. – Jim Diers on Vashon Island Seattle

People-Powered Bubbles

321. – Elizabeth Kerekere in Wellington

Good Human Bubbles

322. – Grant Rix in Queenstown

Pause, Breathe, Smile, Bubbles

323. – Sandy Geyer in Gulf Harbour

Entrepreneurial Lion’s Bubbles

324. – Tui McCaull in Kutarere 

Supporting Bubble Dreams

325. Jess Covell in Mornington

Creative Bubble Events

326. Dean Smith in Wainui 

Gentlemen Bubble Farmers

327. – Mateus Deton in Central Dunedin

Social Insect Bubbles

328. Jenny Jandt in Dunedin

Buzzy Little Bubble Worlds

329. Emma Burns at Otago Museum

Curating Natural Bubbles

330. – Craig Morley in Rotorua

Ecological Bubbles

331.  – Bex Twemlow in Central Dunedin

Rose-tinted Bubbles

332. Jackie Te Aro-Te Kurapa and Mawera Karetai in Whakatāne

Nurturing Leadership Bubbles

333. Derek Wenmoth in Lower Hutt.

Future-making Bubbles

334. Christine Finnigam near Linton 17/11/21

Farming Bubble Goodness