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What gives me hope for computing education for sustainability?

November 20, 2016


Here’s a little thing I wrote for a special topic in Interactions: Computing Education for Sustainability – What gives me hope? Here is a page view version, or via its doi.

Manifesto for transformational sustainability – a work in progress.

November 10, 2016


Transformational sustainability (in the style of the Agile Manifesto).  A work in progress… (updated) If we wish to transform ourselves and society, we need to embrace… 1. Socio-ecological restoration over economic justification 2. Transformative system change over small steps to keep business as usual 3. Holistic perspectives over narrow focus 4. Equity and diversity over […]


September 5, 2016


I was interviewed by Bill Tomlinson for the University of California online course, “ICS 5: Global Disruption and Information Technology”, here it is:

Little things that multiply to create positive system change for sustainability

April 11, 2016


Here’s my lecture from late last year to Dunedin U3A’s lecture series on Climate Change, organised by SCAN, the Senior Climate Action Network.   Here is the whole playlist.

The role of activism in ICT for Sustainability: Learning from practitioners

March 11, 2014


Here’s the draft of the paper we just finished.  It is based on our conversations published as podcasts on SustainableLens. Samuel Mann,  Shane Gallagher,  Nell Smith Abstract— This paper describes an analysis of responses to the question “do you consider yourself to be an activist?” and applies the learnings from that to computing for sustainability.   […]

Why have you chosen computing?

December 3, 2013


As part of the development of the Excellence in Communications project, we’re planning an NZ-wide survey of students and industry to get a deeper understanding of IT student and industry values and educational expectations. At the beginning of 2014, CITRENZ will be undertaking a benchmark survey of all incoming IT/computing students: the “Values and Educational […]

There’s a word for that: Anupholesteraphobia

October 15, 2013


I found myself reading a book on music performance (long story). I like this page, and this awesome word: Anupholesteraphobia: The fear of not being able to cover the material. We could replace music with any discipline for quite a bit of insight. In education those of us who advocate Education for Sustainability see it […]