Blowing Bubbles – Positively Podcasting Covid

June 5, 2020


At the start of the Covid Lockdown we were asked to a daily radio show/podcast: Blowing Bubbles.  It is broadcast on Otago Access Radio (3pm NZ) and podcast from there and Positive conversations with people in their bubbles around the world. We’re going for a conversation a bit like Sustainable Lens but with […]

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Artists, advocates, activators and an audiologist.

February 19, 2021


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles. 173. Belinda Cullen-Reid in Darfield  Art of Bubbling 174. Jamie Vaughan in Central Dunedin  Bubble IT 175, Tim Packer in Wellington IT’s Community Garden Bubble 176. Karsten Henricksen in Vancouver  Pushing Boundaries, Staying Humble Bubbles 177. Adrian Woodhouse in Dunedin Decolonising Food Bubbles 178. Shea McLean Authentic Bubble Literacy […]

All the Bubbles

November 27, 2020


All the people from Blowing Bubbles (to episode 168) in one giant zoom call (kinda). Individual pics (and the pods) here:

Elections, tracking kaka, rethinking futures and dancing in honour…

November 27, 2020


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles. 145.  Tim Barnett in Breaker Bay Wellington Trusting BeKind Bubbles 146. Dina Buchbinder Auron in New York City Playful Bubbles 147. Mike Waddell in Dunedin Resetting Bubbles 148. Karen Farmer in Whakatane Teaching Bubbles 149. Anne Collins in Ohope Beach Campaigned Bubbles 150. Chris Tacon in Christchuch Software Bubbles […]

Moths and mechanics, glass and glasses, nurses and spiders, business and beer – more Blowing Bubbles.

October 17, 2020


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles. 119.  Karl Gradon in Whakatane BeKind Business Bubbles 120. Simmone Wood in Broad Bay. Bubbles of Small Miracles 121. Ashleigh Smith in Central Dunedin Bubbles of Caring Partnerships 122. Malcolm Macpherson in Alexandra Changing Practice Bubbles 123. Indra Kularatne in Auckland Different World Bubbles 124. Rebecca Williams in Cromwell […]

Blowing Bubbles Daily Episodes 96-118

September 11, 2020


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles. 96.  Carmel McNaught and David Kennedy in Melbourne Just Education Bubbles 97. Marcus Baker in Whakatane Solar Bubbles 98. Kelli Te Maiharoa in Wanaka Heart Full of Peace Bubbles 99. Linda Ho in Mount Maunganui Waves of Positive Bubbles 100. Rob Nelson in Naenae Lower Hutt Bubbles Jubilee 101. […]