Blowing Bubbles – Positively Podcasting Covid

June 5, 2020


At the start of the Covid Lockdown we were asked to a daily radio show/podcast: Blowing Bubbles.  It is broadcast on Otago Access Radio (3pm NZ) and podcast from there and Positive conversations with people in their bubbles around the world. We’re going for a conversation a bit like Sustainable Lens but with […]

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Springful Bubbles

December 6, 2022


As Covid rumbles on though the third wave, Blowing Bubbles continues to connect with positive podcasted conversation. Adding to the archive here: 425.  Sliding to Thriving Community Bubbles Ben Sandford, 15/08/22 426.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Bubbles – SarahGalbraith 427. Bubbles Beyond Zeroes and Ones – Sherlock Licorish 428. Bubble Matters – Bill Southworth […]

Bubbling Through a Winter Wonderland

August 13, 2022


Blowing Bubbles for June through August 2022 as we have the first Matariki Public Holiday, overseas travel is back, the COVID wave finally finds NZ, activists activate, and folks gear up for local body elections. Adding to the full list of Blowing Bubbles episodes. 406. Cheryl Adams in Central Dunedin More Smiling Bubbles 407. Steven O’Connor […]

May There Be Bubbles

June 3, 2022


Blowing Bubbles for April and May 2022. Adding to the full list of Blowing Bubbles episodes. 386. Heidi Renata in Dunedin Mana Rangatahi Bubbles 387. Mauricio Novoa in the Blue Mountains of Western Sydney Designing Living-Centred Bubbles 388. Steven Field in Roslyn Real Bubbles 389. Nancy Longnecker in Maryhill  Communicating Bubble Science 390. Jason Lougher in […]

Bubbles Marching On

April 4, 2022


Blowing Bubbles for March 2022 (and some of February). Adding to the full list of Blowing Bubbles episodes. 365. Sonia Wilson in Auckland Life is Bubble Music 366. Daryl Baser in Kenmure Flamingoes Love Bubbles 367. Sanjana Hattotuwai in Dunedin Potential for Good Online Bubbles 368. Will Flavell in West Auckland Kei a koe tou ake […]

Summer Bubbles

February 5, 2022


Catching up on the summer break’s worth of Blowing Bubbles. Adding to the full list of Blowing Bubbles episodes. 346. Hinemoana Baker in Berlin  Nach Hause kommen Bubbles 347. Andry Kilsby at Otago Polytechnic Relational Bubbles 348. Rachel Elder in City Rise Just Chill Bubbles 349. Helen Papuni and Jonathan Lynch at Otago Polytechnic Lighting […]