Blowing Bubbles – Positively Podcasting Covid

June 5, 2020


At the start of the Covid Lockdown we were asked to a daily radio show/podcast: Blowing Bubbles.  It is broadcast on Otago Access Radio (3pm NZ) and podcast from there and Positive conversations with people in their bubbles around the world. We’re going for a conversation a bit like Sustainable Lens but with […]

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Bubbles back in Bubbledown

September 15, 2021


No two days the same of people being positive but not deluded on Blowing Bubbles. (Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles). 278. Phil Corfield True Bubbles 279. Simon Clarke Back to Bubbles 280. Bev Gatenby in Ōhaupō Growing Edge Bubbles 281. Michaela Wellauer in Whakatāne The One Bubble 282. Kura Paul-Baker in Pāpāmoa Matai Moana […]

Designer, poet, grocer… Blowing Bubbles

August 19, 2021


Designer, poet, grocer Bird, spider, island Engineer, painter, photographer Weaver, planner, musician Spain, Argentina, Kawerau Chef, scientist, singer. No two days the same of people being positive but not deluded on Blowing Bubbles. (Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles). 239. Mark Baxter in North Dunedin Petrolheaded Socialist 240. Rosemary Penwarden in Waitati Directly Peaceful Bubbles […]

More Amazing Bubbles

May 6, 2021


What do an archeologist, an aspiring engineer, an animator, a couple of agile art gallery owners, an activator of community, another activator of community, an awesome swimmer, an academic tourist, an auditor of waste, an academic activist, a gamer, a vicar and Suzy Cato all have in common? You can hear them all being positive […]


April 8, 2021


A year and 225 shows done, 7,794,798,475 people to go… (Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles). 208. Rob Riddell Tigier in Waikouaiti  Appreciating Now Bubbles 209. Steve Henry joins Samuel Mann at Otago Polytechnic in North Dunedin Transformational Bubbles – 210. Samuel Murray in South Dunedin What’s Possible Bubbles 211. Billy Bowman in Helensville Relentlessly […]

Artists, advocates, activators and an audiologist.

February 19, 2021


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles. 173. Belinda Cullen-Reid in Darfield  Art of Bubbling 174. Jamie Vaughan in Central Dunedin  Bubble IT 175, Tim Packer in Wellington IT’s Community Garden Bubble 176. Karsten Henricksen in Vancouver  Pushing Boundaries, Staying Humble Bubbles 177. Adrian Woodhouse in Dunedin Decolonising Food Bubbles 178. Shea McLean Authentic Bubble Literacy […]