Bubbles back in Bubbledown

Posted on September 15, 2021


No two days the same of people being positive but not deluded on Blowing Bubbles.

(Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles).

278. Phil Corfield

True Bubbles

279. Simon Clarke

Back to Bubbles

280. Bev Gatenby in Ōhaupō

Growing Edge Bubbles

281. Michaela Wellauer in Whakatāne

The One Bubble

282. Kura Paul-Baker in Pāpāmoa

Matai Moana Bubbles

283. Rosemary Sloman in Whakatāne

Bubbles of Impactful Change

285. Deborah Poi in Christchurch

Calmer Culture Bubbles

286. Jan Tinetti in Tauranga

Leading Bubbles of Change

287. Ged Casey in Thornton (EBoP)

Dragon Slaying Bubbles

288. Robyn Wackrow in New Plymouth

Solving Future Bubbles

289. Karla Meharry near Kawerau

Passion of Giving Bubbles

290. Andy Hamilton in Auckland

Connecting Bubble Dreams

291. Ross Pennington in Remuera

Do-ivist Bubbles

292. Matt Lowe in Ōhope

Epic Bubbles

293. Susan Wardell in St Leonards

Hopeful Bubbles?

294. Steve King in Dunedin

Persistent Bubbles

295. Adam Currie in Dunedin

Bubbles for Climate Justice

296. Chris Sullivan in Queenstown

Bubbles of Educational Birdsong

297. Rowena Speed and Alan Sturman in Queenstown

Unleashing Bubble Potential Together

298. Ron Bull in Dunedin

Aroha Bubbles

299. Toni O’Beirne