Designer, poet, grocer… Blowing Bubbles

Posted on August 19, 2021


Designer, poet, grocer

Bird, spider, island

Engineer, painter, photographer

Weaver, planner, musician

Spain, Argentina, Kawerau

Chef, scientist, singer.

No two days the same of people being positive but not deluded on Blowing Bubbles.

(Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles).

239. Mark Baxter in North Dunedin

Petrolheaded Socialist

240. Rosemary Penwarden in Waitati

Directly Peaceful Bubbles

241. Lynn Freeman in Dunedin

Creatively Curious Bubbles

242. Rebecca McLeod in Chain Hills

Positively Underwater Bubbles

243. Kadin Meharry in Kawerau

 Activist for Enjoying Bubbles

244. James Crofts Bennett in North Dunedin

Spidery Bubbles

245. Meghan Hughes of Kamau Taurua 

Connected Awesomeness Bubbles

246. Jordana Whyte of the Wildlife Hospital Dunedin 

Sick Squawk Surgery Bubbles

247. Jo Woolley in Burkes

Earthly Delightful Bubbles 

248. Pam McKinlay in North East Valley

EVangelist Bubbles

249. Jesse Blythell in Wairio

Ambassador for Biodiverse Bubbles

250. Anna Parker in Opoho

Seeding Bubbles of Community Conversations

251. Terri Eggleton in Tauranga

Investing with Impact Bubbles

252. Mandy Hague in Whakatāne

Refoccussed Bubbles

253. Susan Krumdieck in Christchurch

Engineered Bubbles

254. Troy Baker in Whakatāne

Seeing Bubbles

255. Marin Taylor in Whakatāne

Transporting Bubbles

256. Greg Brimmer in Rotorua

Never About Me Bubbles

257. Clinton Chambers at Taste Nature

Bundles of Bubble Goodness

258. George Sabonadiore in Macandrew Bay 

Vibrant Engaged Bubbles

259. Mandy Mayhem Bullock in Waitati

Eternally Optimistic Bubbles

260. Paul Allen in South Dunedin

Dawning Bright New Bubbles

261. Gina Blanshard Lagorio in Lago Puelo, Patagonia

Burbujas de lago artístico

262. Trevior Coleman in Seville

Bubbles Bursting into Jazz

263. Robin Quigg in Macandrew Bay

Decolonising Bubble Parks

264. Mark Sinclair in Wanaka

Binge-worthy Bubbles

265. Wini Geddes in Whakatāne

Leading through Bubbles

266. Blaine Rakena of Hamilton

Guiding Taiura Bubbles 

267. Dick Frizzell in Auckland 

Start, Eyes Open, Heart Open, Bubbles

268. Tim Tipene in Ranui

Peaceful Warrior Bubbles

269. Apirana Taylor in Paekākāriki 

Poetry Bubbles

270. Todd Gibbs in Whakatāne

Enabling Responsible Bubbles

271. Kerry Mackay in Macandrew Bay

Bubbles of Blanketed Bags and Bones

272. Niki Gladding in Glenorchy

Bubbles of Water

273. Mike Joy in Paekākāriki 

Regenerative Water Bubbles

274. Mike Morgan in Ōhope Beach

Contagiously Optimistic Bubbles

275. Tony Edelsten in Whakatane

Delicious Bubbles

276. Phoebe Eden-Mann in Helensburgh

Robowoman Bubbles

277. Ronna Funtelar in Whakatane

Giving it a go Bubbles