Moths and mechanics, glass and glasses, nurses and spiders, business and beer – more Blowing Bubbles.

Posted on October 17, 2020


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles.

119.  Karl Gradon in Whakatane

BeKind Business Bubbles

120. Simmone Wood in Broad Bay.

Bubbles of Small Miracles

121. Ashleigh Smith in Central Dunedin

Bubbles of Caring Partnerships

122. Malcolm Macpherson in Alexandra

Changing Practice Bubbles

123. Indra Kularatne in Auckland

Different World Bubbles

124. Rebecca Williams in Cromwell

Developing Community Bubbles

125. Taylor Davies-Colley in Dunedin

Bubblewort Conservation

126. Ruth Gerzon in Wainui

Bubbly Kahikatea

127. Jody Langdon in Rotorua

Bubbled Glass

128. Barbara Anderson in Careys Bay

Bubbly Mothy Science

129. Henk Roodt in Central Dunedin

What If Systems Bubbles

130. Ian Finch in Whakatane

20/20 Bubblevision

131. Ben Fretwell in Cromwell

Electric Rally Bubble

132. Tom Jones in Tapanui

Positively Refreshing Bubbles

133. Kayne Osborne in Stoke, Nelson

Stoked Bubbles

134. Rachel Elder in Central Dunedin

Recreating Local Bubbles

135. Mawera Karetai in Whakatane

Practitioner of hope, imagination and bubbles

136. Alice Karetai of Waiheke Island (but in Whakatane)

Weaving family bubbles

137. Samuel Purdie in Woodhaugh Dunedin

Spider Bubbles

138. Davina Merepeka Thompson in Kawerau

Universal language of kindness bubbles

139. Bekka Ross Russell and Josh Lowry in Arusha Tanzania

Small Things Bubbles

140. Esera & Winnie Maeata’anoa of Auckland

Loving Pasifika Bubbles

141. Simon Prast in Auckland

Imagining Bubbles

142. Simon Noble in Opoho

Experiencing Great and Glorious Bubbles

143. Monique Kelly in Wanaka

Bubble Reset

144. Philip Alexander-Crawford in Whangarei

Hapori Partnership Bubbles