Blowing Bubbles Daily Episodes 96-118

Posted on September 11, 2020


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles.

96.  Carmel McNaught and David Kennedy in Melbourne

Just Education Bubbles

97. Marcus Baker in Whakatane

Solar Bubbles

98. Kelli Te Maiharoa in Wanaka

Heart Full of Peace Bubbles

99. Linda Ho in Mount Maunganui

Waves of Positive Bubbles

100. Rob Nelson in Naenae Lower Hutt

Bubbles Jubilee

101.  Hadyn Read in Wainui

Bubbles Structured for Social Outcomes

102. Ratahi Cross in Gisborne

Positive Bubblefruit

103. Hamish Smith in North Dunedin

Empathetic System Bubbles

104. Matt Shepherd in Wanaka

Youth Bubbles

105. John Gualter in Tawa

Rhythm and Bubbles

106. Tom Sainsbury in Auckland 

Charactered Bubbles

107. – Lesley Gill in North Dunedin

Collective Bubbles

108. – Mel Jans in Whakatane

Opportunity in every Bubble

109. – Kenny McCracken in Whakatane

Paddling Positive Bubbles

110. Haydn Marriner in Rotorua 

Believing in Bubbles

111. Megan Gibbons in North Dunedin

Leading Learning Bubbles

112. Martin Curtis in Cardrona

Bubble Folk

113. Ben Jarvie on O’hau Hawaii

Decentralised Bubbles

114. – Finn Boyle in North Dunedin

Radicalising Bubbles

115. John Mann on Magnetic Island in Queensland

Big John Bubble

116. Andy Taylor in Taupo

Dreaming Big Bubbles

117. Anni Watkins in Dunback

Communicating Science Bubbles

118. Andrew Buchanan-Smart in Hamilton 

Melody of Bubbles