Elections, tracking kaka, rethinking futures and dancing in honour…

Posted on November 27, 2020


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles.

145.  Tim Barnett in Breaker Bay Wellington

Trusting BeKind Bubbles

146. Dina Buchbinder Auron in New York City

Playful Bubbles

147. Mike Waddell in Dunedin

Resetting Bubbles

148. Karen Farmer in Whakatane

Teaching Bubbles

149. Anne Collins in Ohope Beach

Campaigned Bubbles

150. Chris Tacon in Christchuch

Software Bubbles (also SesquiBubbles)

151. Steve Meharey in Kawerau

Getting Bubbles Done

152. Lesley Immink in Whakatane

Valuing Bubbly Experiences

153. Anna Hughes in Tasman Village Moteuka

Sunshine Bubbles

154. Peter Harris in Queenstown

Economic Development Bubbles

155. Sara Walton in Dunedin

Bubble Scenarios

156. Danae Lee in Whakatane

Opportunity to Change Bubbles

157. Marjan van den Belt in Wellington

Imagining Seaweed Bubbles

158. Ronnie Durie in Lynchberg Virginia

Dancing in Honour of Bubbles

159. Pleasance Hansen in Dunedin

Collectively Positive Bubbles

160. Al Fraser in Wellington

Taonga pūoro bubbles

161. Toni Boynton in Taneatua 

Bubbles of Being

162. Amadeo Enriquez-Ballestro in Dunedin

Engaging in Wonder Bubbles

163. Katrina Clark in Bangkok

Ripples of Empathy Bubbles

164. Pam Williams in Whakatane

Respecting Bubbles

165. Scott Forrest in Dunedin

Bubbles with tiny backpacks

166. Phil Osborne in Dunedin

Ambiguous Futures Bubbles

167. Ryan Morrison in Whakatane

Realising Bubble Potential

168. Lorreen Hartley in Whakatane

Authentic Bubble Relationships

169. Jeremy Taylor in Christchurch

Persistent Bubbles

170. Courtney Andews in Kutarere

Learning in Bubbly Places

171. Fiona Clements in Waitati

Radically Compassionate Bubbles

172. Michael Simmonds in Dunedin

Life is a Bubbletunity