Te Reo o Otakou: telling stories, building capabilities, connecting people and landscapes

Posted on November 23, 2007


There are a thousand stories to tell of the ancestors’ exploits. Stories of romance and battles, exploration and betrayal, adventure and sadness…

We are aware that, over the years, many ancestors have left the kaik’, the local village, and now thousands of our relations are spread all over the world unable to return when they please. That doesn’t stop them wanting to touch, feel and see the traditional places that their ancestors originally came from.

Te Reo o Otakou is the first in series of videos from SimPa. We’re working with local runaka to help them retell stories of people and landscape in new and engaging ways. Fronted by runaka chair Tahu Pokiti this video introduces the concept – it is aimed to reconnect and engage – both in the finished product and the production: it is a collaboration at every level between Otago Polytechnic and members of the runaka.

Modern technology allows us to share with you some of our stories and to you some of the cultural sights inhabited by your ancestors in days gone by.

Te Runanga o Otakou is one of our partners on the SimPa project supported by the Digital Strategy. We’re demonstrating Te Reo o Otakou and the wider Simpa project at Hui a Tua (the annual meeting of the iwi) this weekend.