Sustainable Lens: A visual guide

Posted on December 23, 2011


It started out as notes for a designer, turned into a page with 100K hits, and now (drumroll..)… “Sustainable Lens: A visual guide”.

  • Sustainable Lens traces the development of sustainability through its representation in diagrams.
  • Sustainable Lens presents a model for seeing the world through a sustainability-driven perspective.
  • Sustainable Lens is laid out in such a way that it can be read from cover-to-cover or opened at a particular page or diagram that draws your interest. The diagrams are featured on the right-hand side so as to celebrate their elegance.
  • Sustainable Lens will act as a sourcebook for those involved in communicating sustainability (including designers, teachers, scientists, policy makers) and others who seek insights about the concept and practice of sustainability.
  • Published late 2011 and available via NewSplash Studio. (Get it now from Amazon).

    Samuel Mann (2011) Sustainable Lens: A visual guide. NewSplash Studio, Dunedin. 206p. ISBN 13: 978-1468112771