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Computing and sustainability in billboard mash-up

October 30, 2008


Today I have been inundated with evidence of the power of computing and its relevance to sustainability. It seems that everyone I know has found the Green’s “make your own Vote for Me billboard“. This is brilliant viral marketing that engages you with their brand message. It seems the very act of looking through your […]

The Wall at Te Papa

October 16, 2008


There’s a great new interactive exhibit at Te Papa.   The Wall is part of a big new development “Our Space”.    I stood and watched people interacting with the wall for ages.  Much of the time they were playing with the technology but unconciously perhaps they’re telling the story of New Zealand(ers).  It’s not […]

Sustainability: hook, line and sinker?

November 26, 2007


Being interested in narratives, I take a lot of pictures of signs. Here are some of them that have a green leaning (Flickr set). This “We believe in sustainable fishing. Hook, line and sinker” would  have a very different meaning in NZ than that intended by Marks and Spencer in Bath.  Here, the phrase “hook, […]

Te Reo o Otakou: telling stories, building capabilities, connecting people and landscapes

November 23, 2007


There are a thousand stories to tell of the ancestors’ exploits. Stories of romance and battles, exploration and betrayal, adventure and sadness… We are aware that, over the years, many ancestors have left the kaik’, the local village, and now thousands of our relations are spread all over the world unable to return when they […]

Streaming Kaikorai plans

November 19, 2007


Dr Simon McMillian is a science teacher at Kaikorai College in Dunedin. We have worked with him previously when he had a Royal Society Fellowship to work on community-based environmental management around the Kaikorai Stream. One of my project groups helped him establish teaching resources based around the installation of a real-time monitoring station in […]