500th! diagram of Sustainability (may just be the tip of the iceberg)

August 12, 2019


I keep finding more. Probably should stop looking. 476. Summary of Club of Rome in tetrahedron  (Anthony Judge 2018) Mapping of Come On issues onto 3-tetrahedra compound (12 vertices=”unsustainable trends”; 18 edges=”strategies”)   477. Leadership (Shriberg and MacDonald 2013) Figure 1 shows the evolution of leadership theory over time, as well as the recent emergence of environmental leadership. The […]

A bird, a turtle, lots of circles and a dress. 40 more diagrams of sustainability

August 10, 2019


Adding to the collection. 436.  Sustainable well-being as two coupled goals (Glasser 2018) 437. Transformative learning for a sustainable future (Laininen 2018) 438. Mmm…Cake. (van Kerkhoff 2013) Sustainable development framework: three tiers of ultimate goals and four layers of enabling goals. Knowledge governance sits at the dashed line between the two base layers. 439.  The […]

A walk on the wild side: Diagrams of Sustainability 401 through 435

August 6, 2019


More for the list. 401. Metamap (Ray Maher, Samuel Mann et al. 2018) MetaMAP is an interactive graphical tool which supports collaborative investigation and design for achieving SDGs. It helps diverse users to integrate their thinking, understand sustainability challenges holistically, and develop well-integrated solutions. In brief, the structure and application of the MetaMAP framework help users gain […]

The Diagrams of Sustainability: 362 through 400

August 4, 2019


Adding more diagrams of sustainability. 362.  Distributive justice as basis for intergenerational sustainability  (Vasconcellos Oliveira 2018) Each of the targets was benchmarked against the principles of equalitarianism, prioritarianism, and sufficientarianism. The results are grouped by goal (showing) predominance of egalitarianism (egalitarianism is the distributive justice theory that states that societal burdens and benefits (e.g., wealth, income) […]

Sustainability diagrams 327 through 361

July 30, 2019


Adding more diagrams of sustainability. 327. 23 Honey bee practices (Avery and Bergensteiner 2007)   328. Regenerative system sketch (from Mang and Haggard 2106). 329.  System of mind (Bill Reed 2007) We have the opportunity and imperative to evolve our thinking and practice in a way that can contribute to regenerating our planet. Slowing down the processes […]