Towards a capability maturity rubric for Sustainable HCI

July 19, 2016


I’ve long been a fan of Bob Willard’s organisational sustainability maturity index – here’s a post from 2007. I’ve used it many times, including this talk to Young Enterprise. Now for a book chapter I’m writing with Oliver Bates we’ve had a go at using it for a rubric for considering the sustainabilityness of Human […]

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Little things that multiply to create positive system change for sustainability

April 11, 2016


Here’s my lecture from late last year to Dunedin U3A’s lecture series on Climate Change, organised by SCAN, the Senior Climate Action Network.   Here is the whole playlist.

Blooming Sustainability

April 4, 2016


Yesterday in a workshop we were given a Bloom list of action verbs to use in course development  (eg this,  or this interactive version). These phrase lists are important, they underpin whole education systems (such as the NZ Qualifications Framework). Nothing new, but on being reminded of these lists, it occurred to me that all the group words are […]

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Upcoming workshop: The role of ICT in transforming society through engaged communities

July 20, 2015


I’m very happy that this workshop will be held at ICT4S in September (see more info here) On the basis that sustainability problems are not amenable to single-point interventions (because they are both wicked and numerous), we need a step-change in how we approach ICT4S.  Rather than trying for separate interventions for every aspect, or for […]

Towards mySustainableLens

May 19, 2015


mySustainableLens: A multimedia exploration of how we enable every graduate as a sustainable practitioner. Here’s the guts of a funding application we’ve just submitted, it aims to create an interactive mySustainableLens to communicate Sustainable Lens as a tool for understanding what it means to be a Sustainable Practitioner.  It is a proposal for a multi-media […]

Sustainability and Business for Young Enterprise

February 18, 2015


(I five minutes today to talk with a couple of hundred high school students about to embark on their year-long Young Enterprise programmes.  Here’s the text). I’m here to very briefly talk about sustainability and business.    This badge says Professor Samuel Mann, College of Enterprise and Development, Otago Polytechnic, Enterprise as in Young Enterprise, […]

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#Gaik 2025 (another go at 2025 abstract)

February 11, 2015


Prompted by this request, here’s a second go at an abstract for a 2025 critical computing conference (shorter than this one). Precursors and implications of #Gaiak’s holistic Ecological Computing Manifesto In this paper, we analyse the precursors and implications of #Gaiak’s holistic Ecological Computing Manifesto. This manifesto stemmed from #Gaiak’s reputation as an ecohacker with […]