Sustainability diagrams 327 through 361

July 30, 2019


Adding more diagrams of sustainability. 327. 23 Honey bee practices (Avery and Bergensteiner 2007)   328. Regenerative system sketch (from Mang and Haggard 2106). 329.  System of mind (Bill Reed 2007) We have the opportunity and imperative to evolve our thinking and practice in a way that can contribute to regenerating our planet. Slowing down the processes […]

10th anniversary update – visualising sustainability

July 24, 2019


It’s been 10 years since I started collecting diagrams of sustainability.  Here’s some more. 283.  Circles of sustainability     (McCarthy and James wiki) The Circles of Sustainability approach is explicitly critical of other domain models such as the triple bottom line that treat economics as if it is outside the social, or that treat the environment as an […]

Responsible Innovation at CHI2019

December 18, 2018


Amidst all the shiny new interfaces and interactions at #CHI2019, there’s a fun workshop on Responsible Innovation. It would be irresponsible of you not to follow this link:

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Sketching Sustainable Computing

December 9, 2017


So excited about this. We’re sketching an alternative conference proceedings for ICT4S…Visual ICT4S. Join us and learn to sketchnote in the process. Can’t draw? Doesn’t matter – Miriam Sturdee will guide us. Workshop website:

Talking about games and sustainability

November 5, 2017


Someone asked me today if I know of anyone who has thought about connections between games design and sustainability. They’ve come to the right place.  Turns out I’ve talked to a lot of people in this space: Josh Tanenbaum:    Design fictions through games Ann Pendelton-Julian:  (architecture really, but interesting thoughts about games creating conditions) […]

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