Responsible Innovation at CHI2019

December 18, 2018


Amidst all the shiny new interfaces and interactions at #CHI2019, there’s a fun workshop on Responsible Innovation. It would be irresponsible of you not to follow this link:

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Sketching Sustainable Computing

December 9, 2017


So excited about this. We’re sketching an alternative conference proceedings for ICT4S…Visual ICT4S. Join us and learn to sketchnote in the process. Can’t draw? Doesn’t matter – Miriam Sturdee will guide us. Workshop website:

Talking about games and sustainability

November 5, 2017


Someone asked me today if I know of anyone who has thought about connections between games design and sustainability. They’ve come to the right place.  Turns out I’ve talked to a lot of people in this space: Josh Tanenbaum:    Design fictions through games Ann Pendelton-Julian:  (architecture really, but interesting thoughts about games creating conditions) […]

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Transformation Mindset – update

August 23, 2017


Here’s a new graphic for the Transformation Mindset.  And a paper that describes the application in Community Development. (p59).

What gives me hope for computing education for sustainability?

November 20, 2016


Here’s a little thing I wrote for a special topic in Interactions: Computing Education for Sustainability – What gives me hope? Here is a page view version, or via its doi.

Manifesto for transformational sustainability – a work in progress.

November 10, 2016


Transformational sustainability (in the style of the Agile Manifesto).  A work in progress… (updated) If we wish to transform ourselves and society, we need to embrace… 1. Socio-ecological restoration over economic justification 2. Transformative system change over small steps to keep business as usual 3. Holistic perspectives over narrow focus 4. Equity and diversity over […]


September 5, 2016


I was interviewed by Bill Tomlinson for the University of California online course, “ICS 5: Global Disruption and Information Technology”, here it is: