Bubbles Marching On

Posted on April 4, 2022


Blowing Bubbles for March 2022 (and some of February). Adding to the full list of Blowing Bubbles episodes.

365. Sonia Wilson in Auckland

Life is Bubble Music

366. Daryl Baser in Kenmure

Flamingoes Love Bubbles

367. Sanjana Hattotuwai in Dunedin

Potential for Good Online Bubbles

368. Will Flavell in West Auckland

Kei a koe tou ake mirumiru – Be whatever Bubble you want to be

369. Alice Midgley in Upper Hutt

Getting Your Bubble Going

370. Ritesh Kumar in Henderson, Auckland

Teaching Bubbles Maths

371. Angela McLeod in Upper Hutt

Rural Women in Charge of Bubbles

372. Joe Trinder in Pokeno

Online Debating Bubbles

373. Doug Schuler in Seattle

Patterned Bubbles

374. Clare Curran in Dunedin

Bubbles of Meaningful Change

375. Phoebe Eden-Mann in St Kilda

Do Better Bubbles

376. Flora Knight in Guthrie Oklahoma

Bubbles in Boots

377. Heather Osborn in Andersons Bay

Creating Positive Bubbles

378. Doug Hart in Dunedin

Playing with Pink Paint Bubbles

379. Geoff Scott in Sydney

Unexpected Bubble-Ups

380. Suze Wilson in Auckland

Kind Leadership Bubbles

381. Rob Hamlin in Mosgiel

Buying Better Bubbles

382. Briar Linn in Christchurch

Positive Energy Bubbles

383. Samuel Mann, Mawera Karetai, Tahu Mackenzie

Big Bracing Birthday Bubbles

384. Gary Cavaney

Risky Bubbles

385. Charlie Gardner in Norfolk

Rebellious Science Bubbles (Planetary Emergency Bubbles)