Bubbling Through a Winter Wonderland

Posted on August 13, 2022


Blowing Bubbles for June through August 2022 as we have the first Matariki Public Holiday, overseas travel is back, the COVID wave finally finds NZ, activists activate, and folks gear up for local body elections. Adding to the full list of Blowing Bubbles episodes.

406. Cheryl Adams in Central Dunedin

More Smiling Bubbles

407. Steven O’Connor in North East Valley

Role Modelling Community Service Bubbles

408. Julia Young in South Dunedin

Julia and the Party Crew Do Bubbles

409. Phil Osborne at Otago Polytechnic

Return of the Flying Bubbles

410. Hamish Darling in Southern Ireland

Wild River Bubbles

411. Benton Glassey in Dunedin

Yes, And Bubbles

412. Vicki Murray in Whakatāne

Matariki Bubbles

413. Victoria Campbell in Moeraki

Manawatia a Matariki Bubbles

414. Jo Pearson in Port Chalmers

Bubbling Picture Books

415. Dean Griffiths in Dunedin

Trade Aid Bubbles

416. Hugh Campbell at Otago University

Farming Invisible Bubbles

417. Maureen Verstegen in Whakatāne

Wind in Your Bubbles

418. Kat MacMillan in Welcome Bay Tauranga

Running for Future Bubbles

419. Toi Kai Rākau Iti in Whakatāne

Radical Bubbles of Mauitanga

420.  Louis Rawnsley in Kawakawa Bay

Intentional Artist, Unintentional Activist Bubbles

421. Kirsten McLaughlan in Manly Beach Sydney

Designing Natural Human Bubbles

422. Karaitiana Taiuru in Christchurch

Colonial Digital Bubbles

423. Nandor Tanczos in Whakatāne 

Activist at the Table Bubbles

424. Tracy Scott in Christchurch

Choose to Enjoy Bubbles