More Amazing Bubbles

Posted on May 6, 2021


What do an archeologist, an aspiring engineer, an animator, a couple of agile art gallery owners, an activator of community, another activator of community, an awesome swimmer, an academic tourist, an auditor of waste, an academic activist, a gamer, a vicar and Suzy Cato all have in common? You can hear them all being positive but not deluded on Blowing Bubbles.

(Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles).

226. Eric Bekker in Christchurch

Future Engineering Bubbles

227. Steve Downey in Dunedin

Pastoral Bubbles

228. David Karetai in Whakatane

Bubble Games

229. Kat Buissink in Hamilton

Organising Bubble Labour

230. Steve Prescott in Caversham

Enjoying Life’s Bubbles

231. Marty Hoffart in Tauranga

Zero Bubble Waste

232. Stu Fleming and Roisin King in Mapua

Purposeful Bubbles

233. Neil Benson in Nelson

Super-enthusiastic Animated Bubbles

234. Steffi Brightwell in Christchurch

Brightly Coloured Invisible Bubbles

235. Margy Jean Malcolm in Dunedin

And And Bubbles

236. Brooke Tucker in Dunedin

Uncovering Bubbles

237. Suzy Cato in Auckland

You Are Amazing Bubbles

238. Anna Carr in Dunedin

Visiting Ecological Bubbles