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Posted on February 19, 2021


Updating the Episode list for Blowing Bubbles.

173. Belinda Cullen-Reid in Darfield 

Art of Bubbling

174. Jamie Vaughan in Central Dunedin 

Bubble IT

175, Tim Packer in Wellington

IT’s Community Garden Bubble

176. Karsten Henricksen in Vancouver 

Pushing Boundaries, Staying Humble Bubbles

177. Adrian Woodhouse in Dunedin

Decolonising Food Bubbles

178. Shea McLean

Authentic Bubble Literacy

179. Chris Williamson in Dunedin

Collective Equity Bubbles

180. Andrew Judd in New Plymouth

Moving a Bubble Stone

181. Michael Mullens in Dunedin

Engineering for Good Bubbles

182. Victoria Mitchell in Lower Hutt

Opening Bubble Possibilities

183. Bob and Barbara Beck in Philadelphia

Bubble Communities Stepping Up

184. Didymo Dave in Taupo

Biosecurity Bubble Hat

185. Angela Loucks-Alexander on the Sunshine Coast Queensland

Hearing Brave Bubbles

186. Cherie Freeman in Auckland

Say Yes Bubbles

187. Samuel Ekundayo joins Samuel Mann in downtown Auckland.

Bubbles on Purpose

188. Kelly Widdicks in Preston

Preston Bubble

189. Birgit Penzenstadler in Gothenburg Sweden

Loving, Breathing Bubbles

190. Emile Crossley in Hokkaido

Ice Bubbles

191. Andy Williamson on the Isle of Skye

Merry Bubbles

192. Doug Leeder in Waitahi Valley

Regional Bubbles

193. Andrew Iles

Bubble Communities

194. Chris Williams in Kirikiriroa Hamilton

Storytelling Bubbles

195. – Ange Morgan in Paengaroa

Bubbles Trucking On

196. Jeanette O’Fee in Dunedin

Bubbles as Change

197. Riki Nelson in Mount Maunganui

Kaitiaki Bubbles

198. James Harrison in Snells Beach

Transforming Bubbles

199. Steve Franklin in Whatatane

Legally Bubbles

200. Becs Mackay in Whakatane

200 Bubbles

201. Louis Rapihana in Opotiki

Bubbles: Manaakitanga me te Aroha

202.Rueben Grace in Whakatane

Practicing Good Bubbles

203. Damian Foster in Wanaka

Thinking and Acting Bubbles

204. Leisa de Klerk in Waikouaiti

Volunteering Bubbles

205.Otis Frizzell in Western Springs Auckland

Aroha Bubbles

206. Richard Knights in Brighton

What’s News Bubbles

207. Toby Swallow in Balclutha

Teaching Science Bubbles