Sustainable Living Guide not much help for green computing RFP

Posted on June 5, 2007


In the search for a green RFP for  computing I’ve been sent links to more guides to purchasing.  Sustainable Business organisations have produced documents such as the Sustainable Living Guide

This guide provides a simple classification for assessing products, features over 50 examples of sustainable products and services and provides an introductory list of products or services available here in New Zealand. It provides a unique resource for kiwi consumers wanting to do their bit to make the world a better place and includes

  1. Five design requirements when choosing a product or service
  2. Over 50 product examples
  3. A listing of local sustainable products

Edwin Datschefski via NZ Sustainable Business Network

Although the Sustainable Living Guide is described as a “simple classification for assessing products”, and Edwin Datschefski’s system is presented, there is no attempt at all to use the classification system. Instead, 50 products are shown in a glossy format, presumably they are pre-approved by the classification system.

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