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Posted on June 22, 2010


I’ve been asked to lead a full day workshop at the 2nd Annual New Zealand Higher Education Summit.   The workshop will develop the context and strategy for sustainability in education.   This fits really well into the conference as a whole that aims to explore the factors that underpin the sector’s success in making tertiary education nationally and internationally relevant and responsive while increasing participation, engagement and access and becoming a driver for innovation and industry.

12th August in Auckland (book via Informa)

Here’s the workshop outline:

  • Developing the context and strategy for sustainability in education
  • What does it mean to be a sustainable practitioner? (in any discipline)
  • Opportunities for higher education: teaching, research, operations, consultancy
  • Strategies for integrating sustainability in teaching
  • Graduate profile (for variety of disciplines)
  • Learning experiences, learning outcomes and assessment
  • How can I integrate sustainability in research?
  • What about consultancy?
  • Strategies for overcoming barriers in my institution

Workshop leader: Dr Samuel Mann, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology, Education for Sustainability Portfolio, Otago Polytechnic (2009 Beeby Scholar)

Sam is convenor of Sustainability in Tertiary Education in New Zealand (STENZ), a cross sector group with the vision that in 2014, all NZ tertiary graduates will understand the principles, values, and practices of  sustainability. He was the 200 Beeby Fellow for his work in Education for Sustainability. In 2009, Sam was one of four NZ delegates to the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development.

Sam has developed applied IT for regional government, crown research institutes and large organisations. He heads the Education for Sustainability portfolio at Otago Polytechnic whose “every graduate thinking and acting as a sustainable practitioner” initiative won the ITPNZ Award for Excellence in Education for a Global Role.

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