Every graduate – internal branding

Posted on December 1, 2008


Otago Polytechnic internal marketing

Dear Colleague,

Did you know:

– 2005-2014 is United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development?

– that UNESCO and SANZ (among others) recognise Otago Polytechnic as leading the world in Education for Sustainability? ITPNZ recognised this with the Excellence in Education for a Global Role Award 2008.

– we are committed to education where “every graduate may think and act as a sustainable practitioner” and we are on track to achieve this for every graduate who starts in 2009?

– every department has worked with their stakeholders to identify what it means to be a sustainable practitioner and incorporated this in graduate profiles, learning outcomes and assessments?

– in some cases, sustainability is transforming teaching; in others, it is incremental changes which are having a big impact?

And did you know:

– sustainability is working for us with consultancy, leadership of national projects, fee for service and donations?

– practices on campus such as recycling, energy efficiencies and purchasing contracts are reducing our own footprint? LivingCampus aims to make sustainability part of normal business practice.

Thank you for all your hard work in establishing this point of difference for us as we inspire capability for a better future.

If you have ideas and want help with them, please let us know.

Samuel Mann for the sustainability team