Sustainability at the student showcases – Team Dunedin

Posted on November 24, 2008


We were doing the Excite thing on Saturday.   In L-block Phillip Ballard was showing off the Team Dunedin design for Shac.

The aim of the  Team Dunedin house is to “mainstream sustainable building and living using our houses built on campus”.

Team Dunedin is designing and building a ‘mainstream’ sustainable re-locatable home. Each year our carpentry students, under supervision of our staff, build three re-locatable homes, and by choosing materials, services and building methods that offer long term efficiency than what is currently being undertaken, the Otago Polytechnic (and our partners) hope to offer an accessible pathway to more sustainable living and building. We will also help educate our community, our stakeholders, our local suppliers (and ourselves!) by doing so, and ensure the design maximises social, as well as environmental sustainability.

Team Dunedin is designing a building a house to befit the ‘average’ Dunedin family. At its centre is the aim to design and build a home which will appeal to a common denominator, and while appearing ‘normal’, in fact encompasses a variety of accessible and sustainable materials and services. Team Dunedin will build in the most sustainable manner possible and ensure that staff and students develop a working knowledge of sustainable building capabilities.

Otago Polytechnic charity house auction

Good crowd for the 2008 charity house auctiion.

Team Dunedin October 2008 update.