AAEE in Darwin from Dunedin

Posted on July 11, 2008


The Australian Association for Environmental Education Conference is on in Darwin this week. We’ve presented two papers there: Living Campus and an overview of Education for Sustainability at Otago Polytechnic. None of us left Dunedin to participate (except Phil who was in Christchurch), presenting via their online conference systems (instructions).

It was good to be able to help reduce the footprint of the conference but it’s a long way from actually attending the conference. Despite three channels – video conference, virtual classroom and second life – I don’t really feel as though I’ve been part of the conference. I’ve missed the incidental chats, the queuing for tea with someone that turns out to be important, the stack of business cards and follow-ups that I usually associate with a conference. Still, I wouldn’t have gotten involved at all if it wasn’t for the distance option so thank your Bill and co for this opportunity.

If you’re reading this on Friday the 11th, the last day of keynotes is streaming here (quicktime). The conference people are archiving the sessions, so hopefully will appear sometime.