What have we learned? A SustCHI workshop.

Posted on November 25, 2013


The SIGCHI HCI & Sustainability Community will host a workshop as part of CHI 2014, the annual Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. This year’s conference will be held in Toronto, Canada, 26 Apr–1 May. The workshop will be held on either 26 Apr or 27 Apr.

Our one-day workshop will gather new and established HCI & Sustainability researchers to:

  • assess what we have learned in the last eight years of HCI & Sustainability research;
  • address conceptual inconsistencies in the field; and
  • develop a coherent framework for orienting and evaluating future work.


Eight questions will orient discussion:

  1. What is sustainability?
  2. What do we know about how sustainability might be achieved?
  3. What crucial questions remain?
  4. How can HCI help achieve sustainability?
  5. How should HCI & Sustainability research be evaluated?
  6. How can we use critiques of past work to develop more productive approaches?
  7. How can we better integrate knowledge from outside HCI?
  8. How can we encourage work that contributes to practical sustainability efforts?

We will produce a collective statement answering these questions and a set of guidelines and questions for orienting and evaluating new work. These will constitute the first version of an evolving community resource.

Participants are asked to identify as “established” researchers or as new to the area. Established researchers should submit a position paper addressing any of the eight questions. New researchers should submit a statement describing their interest in the area; background; questions for the community; and, optionally, answers to any of the eight questions.Participants are strongly encouraged to read the workshop extended abstract before preparing their submissions. Submissions will be evaluated for clarity and contribution potential.

Submissions should be:


Submitting authors will receive an email confirming receipt immediately. Acceptance notifications will be mailed by 10 Feb 2014.

At least one author of each accepted submission must attend the workshop.

Further information can be found on the workshop website http://chi2014sust.120cell.org/index.php

If you have any questions about your submission, please feel free to email Six Silberman <silberman.six@gmail.com>.



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