Popup Ecozoo

Posted on July 17, 2008


I’m a great fan of pop-ups. I use them in teaching interaction design. I have a skeleton for a book that goes like this “computing interactivity is based on the ultimate in paper based design from 30 years ago – the library card or bank book. Most of our HCI aims to replicate that database approach to paper. Sure, we sometimes do different things, but then we relegate it to ‘multimedia’ and not use it for serious work. Meanwhile the art of interactivity on paper has moved a long way. If we are to progress beyond clicking and text boxes and we should relook at interactivity in the real world – and the popup is a good place to start looking”. I have a large collection of such interactive books.

Future of the book has a different take on this:

Will the children of the future only experience pop-up books in animated form, onscreen? Or would the pop-up book conceit only have resonance for those raised on the paper versions?

So, I really like this work from Japan that explores the pop-up as a form of digital interaction. And, it’s about sustainability.

Ecozoo states: If you take a close look at the animals there… you might be able to get some tips to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

It’s not as engaging as a proper game such as ElectroCity (despite the shortcomings), but for a fun bit of interaction, this is a nice piece of work. I’ve looked at Papervision before, I think some students might be using it real soon.