ICHIM07 brief notes from Wednesday

Posted on October 25, 2007



In a ICHIM07 session entitled “In-Museum engagement” I’m watching CIMAD/EPOCH – A Framework for Developing Customized Multi-channel Cultural Heritage Services. With a background in research of poor learning from museum experiences they are working to create applications that are meaningful onsite. He asks, what is the role of the technology? To provide an infrastructure supporting seamless access to customised services. They describe an MobiComp system that manages information independent of the device the user is using. Is hoped that it will be location and context aware. A technical talk that I didn’t really understand although structure of disseminators and presentation layers seems sensible. Seems to be customised to museum and device but can’t see that changes according to user, was a question on this too question about user profile answered only in terms of device management, a further question got some notion of user profile, age of visitor, but not in anyway adapting to experience.

Questions at the end of In-museum session: Interesting questions about role of prototype technologies in real life settings. To what extent are we playing with toys? Kevin Sumption (Powerhouse) – learning the activity is now the important context for science museum. Liam Bannon – yes role for technology inspiration but sometimes too much technology and not enough learning.

Observation in Michael White’s Parks Canada briefing: How to manage people’s expectation of TV quality modelling and reproduction? One problem is the high end production in some components but not others which has the effect of unrealistically raising expectations.

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