A diaspora of objects from the Yukon

Posted on October 25, 2007


yukon.jpg Complementing our paper is Sarah Charlie, Ed Krahn‘s paper Searching For Our Heritage. This, they describe as a work in progress – that started in 1987 and will probably never be finished. In short, they are working to identify Yukon artifacts scattered in museums around the world- a different sort of diaspora!

A big part of the work is reconstructing the stories associated with the artifacts – working out who created objects, identifying people in photographs etc. This, they describe as

reclaiming their heritage

Not necessarily currently seeking repatriation, they see value in telling stories, so are sharing information back trying to ensure that artifacts are connected to their context.

In questions at the end of the session, many similarities with our Simpa became apparent: connections to place; strong genealogy; protection of knowledge; oral traditions; long consultation processes etc.