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Simpa diaries

August 27, 2008


We’re busily working with runaka on the Simpā project. Tori and Amber are helping communities build capabilities in digital media as part of engaging in their own narratives.   Tori writes up brief notes of each session, and with her permission, I thought I’d share some of them with you. These document a project of combining […]

Simpa as a model of partnership

August 18, 2008


Last month Khyla Russell presented a paper at the Oxford Round Table. The basis of the paper is an examination of the interaction of cultures, with our Simpa project as the main case study. Here’s a working version of the paper. It may eventually form a formal publication (in part or whole), so please contact […]

Te Reo o Otakou: telling stories, building capabilities, connecting people and landscapes

November 23, 2007


There are a thousand stories to tell of the ancestors’ exploits. Stories of romance and battles, exploration and betrayal, adventure and sadness… We are aware that, over the years, many ancestors have left the kaik’, the local village, and now thousands of our relations are spread all over the world unable to return when they […]

SimPa connecting stories and landscape

November 12, 2007


One of the exciting things about the SimPa project is that we don’t really know where it is headed. We’re working with various Kai Tahu runaka to help them retell their stories in different media, primarily in a 3D game environment. We have no preconceptions about the stories or the forms they might take. As […]

SimPa graphic

October 27, 2007


Quite a number have asked for a copy of the graphical overview of the SimPa process (briefly shown in my and Khyla’s paper). So here it is. In a series of layers it describes tells several stories: the story of Huriawa pa; the telling of the story of Huriawa pa; it tells the story of […]