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Computing Ethics meet Computing Sustainability

October 2, 2007


Computing ethics met computing sustainability at the weekend when we had lunch with Don Gotterbarn and Sylvia Nagl. Don was the lead author on most of what we recognise as computing’s codes of ethics (see my notes) while Sylvia’s work in complex systems is pushing the limits of computing. Don was in London on ACM/IFIP […]

Sustaining Dunedin’s Heritage

August 16, 2007


We’re just starting a major project to visualise every Dunedin building, ever. We’re aiming for a 3D immersive environment for any given date (perhaps with a timeline slider). In addition to the general coolness and education value, we’re hoping that it can be used as a modelling tool, say if some wants a new development […]

Report oozes bias but still 18% never turned off times 118 idle hours times power use times carbon (or money) times number of workers = a big number

July 29, 2007


A potentially interesting (and widely quoted) report disappoints with sloppy science and failure to recognise bias. The UK’s National Energy Foundation and 1E‘s survey of energy use by computing has some big numbers. The crux of the report is that if software systems were introduced to manage computer idle time (ie turn them off), then […]

10 kinds of people: Sustainable practitioners and the guzzlers

July 26, 2007


The world is made up of 10 kinds of people: those who are sustainable practitioners and those who aren’t (OK, old computing joke). Suggesting that there are only two groups is clearly far too simplistic, but we need to know where people are so that we can work with them for the better. The fourth […]