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Posts from ACTS: Neil Barnes

October 7, 2008


Dr Neil Barns gave one of the keynotes at the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability conference in Christchurch last week.   Barns is the CEO of CPIT, his talk focussed on the challenges and opportunities education for sustainability presents to a tertiary institution.   In short, he describes an approach of developing a vision with the governance […]

Working for the earth 5 til 9

July 29, 2008


I swim regularly with a triathlete who is also a policeman. He works strange hours, some weeks he’s on days, others he calls in for swim on the way home in the early morning. These strange hours are because “crime never sleeps”. Something else that never sleeps is environmental and social degradation. The fight for […]

Green purchasing report: policy needs to state premium

December 19, 2007


As a precursor to the Green Purchasing Summit last month, EyeForProcurement conducted a survey of environmentally preferable purchasing. The report hides behind a registration wall here. Unfortunately the report does not give enough detail of methodology for many of the statistics to be very useful. Figures such as the percentages employing (or not) green purchasing […]

Stunning but sensationalist

December 14, 2007


I’ve have had the same fat white computer monitor on my desk for 5 years. My co-worker just got a new computer. She has a flat shiny sleek flat screen monitor. It matches her computer, it matches her phone, even her pen stand. [It looks cool.] She looks like she is driving in space ship […]

Guide does more than paper over cracks

December 11, 2007


There’s a useful guide out today from Metafore and the The Gagliardi Group . The Paper Consumer’s Guide to Climate Change (pdf) describes the role that paper and its forest-based lifecycle play in the greenhouse gas processes, and shows “how paper purchasers can take the initiative to tip the scales toward lower emissions”. Papers are […]

Report oozes bias but still 18% never turned off times 118 idle hours times power use times carbon (or money) times number of workers = a big number

July 29, 2007


A potentially interesting (and widely quoted) report disappoints with sloppy science and failure to recognise bias. The UK’s National Energy Foundation and 1E‘s survey of energy use by computing has some big numbers. The crux of the report is that if software systems were introduced to manage computer idle time (ie turn them off), then […]

Sustainability an “inane fad”? Let’s ride the wave!

July 15, 2007


Bob Jones describes green building as an “inanity” ( “I’m picking this to last about four years with the private sector and a decade with the government,” Jones’ argument goes like this: Government’s new aim to reduce the carbon footprint of its departments, installing power and water-saving devices along with other environmentally sound initiatives…But power […]