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Posts from ACTS: Lesley Stone – a wishlist for EfS

October 16, 2008


Dr Lesley Stone spoke about a wishlist for tertiary education for sustainability at the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability conference in Christchurch last week.  Lesley is the Envrionmental Coordinator at the University of Auckland.   In her presentation she explored the findings of her 2006 paper “Progress and pitfalls in the provision of tertiary education for sustainable development inNew […]

Posts from ACTS: David Thompson on 3D sustainability

October 7, 2008


 David Thompson spoke about 3D sustainability at the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability conference in Christchurch last week.   He got a mixed reception.  Some hadn’t seen SecondLife before and were impressed.   Others gave him quite a hard time.  They picked up on his “gee, second life is cool, you should use it for sustainability” and probed […]

Posts from ACTS: Neil Barnes

October 7, 2008


Dr Neil Barns gave one of the keynotes at the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability conference in Christchurch last week.   Barns is the CEO of CPIT, his talk focussed on the challenges and opportunities education for sustainability presents to a tertiary institution.   In short, he describes an approach of developing a vision with the governance […]

Working for the earth 5 til 9

July 29, 2008


I swim regularly with a triathlete who is also a policeman. He works strange hours, some weeks he’s on days, others he calls in for swim on the way home in the early morning. These strange hours are because “crime never sleeps”. Something else that never sleeps is environmental and social degradation. The fight for […]

Green purchasing report: policy needs to state premium

December 19, 2007


As a precursor to the Green Purchasing Summit last month, EyeForProcurement conducted a survey of environmentally preferable purchasing. The report hides behind a registration wall here. Unfortunately the report does not give enough detail of methodology for many of the statistics to be very useful. Figures such as the percentages employing (or not) green purchasing […]