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Posts from SIGCSE: snapshot of ethics in computing programmes

March 26, 2008


Carol Spradling has done a survey of how undergraduate computing programmes incorporate ethics (pdf). Of her respondents (36% of 700), 88% include social and professional issues as part of their computing degree. It is primarily taught by computer science faculty, most of whom have had no special training (77%). She is pleased that the decision […]

NZCS talking professionalism

February 28, 2008


The NZ Computer Society had its Otago AGM this week. Don Robertson, the new chair of the NZCS spoke about the Society’s plans to focus on professional registration. This is great news for sustainability. Don talked about the challenges facing the NZCS and its members. Foremost of those is professionalism. With the proliferation of computing […]

Computing Ethics meet Computing Sustainability

October 2, 2007


Computing ethics met computing sustainability at the weekend when we had lunch with Don Gotterbarn and Sylvia Nagl. Don was the lead author on most of what we recognise as computing’s codes of ethics (see my notes) while Sylvia’s work in complex systems is pushing the limits of computing. Don was in London on ACM/IFIP […]

10 kinds of people: Sustainable practitioners and the guzzlers

July 26, 2007


The world is made up of 10 kinds of people: those who are sustainable practitioners and those who aren’t (OK, old computing joke). Suggesting that there are only two groups is clearly far too simplistic, but we need to know where people are so that we can work with them for the better. The fourth […]

Sustainability as first step in Agile Development Methodology

July 25, 2007


Sustainability in first iteration of software development gives basis for design. (trying out a template adapted from Creative Communities for CfS Agenda, item 7: resources). Solution Sustainability is considered as a major part of ethical design early in our software development process. We follow a methodology that is an integration of structured methodology under an […]

Sustainability in computing’s Code of Ethics?

July 1, 2007


Q: Is sustainability described in computing’s code of ethics? A: Not explicitly. The ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (1992) identifies the “commitment to ethical conduct expected of every member”. It consists of “24 imperatives formulated as statements of personal responsibility”. It is argued in the preamble to the code that not every issue […]