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Towards a capability maturity rubric for Sustainable HCI

July 19, 2016


I’ve long been a fan of Bob Willard’s organisational sustainability maturity index – here’s a post from 2007. I’ve used it many times, including this talk to Young Enterprise. Now for a book chapter I’m writing with Oliver Bates we’ve had a go at using it for a rubric for considering the sustainabilityness of Human […]

Green at 15

April 19, 2009


At the UN DESD conference I was at the launch of the “Green at Fifteen?, How 15-year-olds perform in environmental science and geoscience in PISA 2006“.  Andreas Schleicher and Pablo Zoido  presented the examination of the competence of young people, every three years.   In the 2006 survey the focus is on science, and in this report […]

DoTT marks the TREE

October 20, 2007


At the DoTT07 Festival I found some student work that  is quite inspiring .  As part of Dott07, design students were challenged to design a “stuff-0-meter”to help us  understand more about the”hidden rucksack of everyday products”, cradle to grave, and make informed choices.   The award was won by David Foster Smith. His winning entry “TREE”: Total Recyclability […]

Less stuff more living – and exactly how much stuff?

October 19, 2007


I’ve written before about ecolabels in computing: sticky labels on products giving it a green tick (or not).   This is from the DoTT07 book: The amount of waste matter generated in the production a single laptop computer is close to 4,000 times its weight on your lap (gulp, and what if you’re writing on that […]

Computing for Sustainability: Low hanging curricula

July 2, 2007


In Sustainability a “Pervasive Theme” or MIC (”Missing In Curriculum”)? we looked for sustainability in the computing curricula but didn’t find any there. Clearly it should be (well we think so). If the high hanging fruit is paradigm change (ala Blevis), and medium hanging fruit is cross curricula integration (upscaling rethinking school lunch) and courses […]