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Minds at Rest

November 10, 2010


Our friend Tess Brosnan filed this story on today’s historic neurosurgery decision for the facebook group Keep Neurosurgery in Dunedin. It is too good to hide only on facebook, so with her permission I’ve posted it here.  SM A former Dunedin Neurosurgery patient, Casey Coombes, described her 8 years of recovery following surgery as an […]

Dunedin Neurosurgery: a win for people power

November 10, 2010


Dunedin not only keeps, but expands its neurosurgery service. This decision will ensure that the South will continue to have a safe and viable neurosurgery service for decades to come. I’m really hopeful that this process sets the benchmark in both process and outcome: Process: This process was (eventually) a model of rational consideration and […]

Can IT really lead to a sustainable city?

September 29, 2010


Here’s nine words – random to some, but describing a very big chunk of what I’ve been doing for the last few years: Augmented Reality; Sustainability; Heritage; Innovation; Education; Computing; Dunedin; Election. And it all comes together in one post! This week the DCC announced the successful Industry Development Fund projects:  augmented reality of Dunedin’s […]

Polytechnic geeks ace speed dating

September 23, 2010


Dunedin ICT Internship Speed Dating 2010 Originally uploaded by Samuel Mann Last night 22 of our students met with 14 of the city’s IT firms in a bid to secure much sought after summer internships. This is a perfect win-win-win. Last year 24 students from Polytechnic and University got internships and 17 of these resulted […]

Election coverage

September 18, 2010


The campaign is heating up, so here’s an update of coverage (earlier stories). Samuel Mann and Richard Thomson on Syd Adie’s election programme on Toroa Radio. (30 mins). click to listen or download. Image from the Star. Star: ODT:  Candidate profile in the ODT.   They asked us to answer two questions but unfortunately only put […]