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Best transformative resources for sustainability?

August 25, 2007


Karlson ‘Charlie’ Hargroves is the Executive Director of the The Natural Edge Project. He sent us these open source education materials. Their whole system design suite gives a comprehensive introduction to whole system design approach as the basis for transformative action. Education for Sustainability has to be more than “bolt on” environmental papers in existing […]

Committed to an “Every Graduate” approach to Education for Sustainability

August 23, 2007


In April this year Otago Polytechnic Academic Board approved the development of core capabilities. “Sustainability” is one of these capabilities (along with literacy, numeracy etc). Yesterday, Academic Board agreed to an implementation plan to ensure that every graduate may think and act as a “sustainable practitioner” (both thinking and acting highlighting the balance between cognitive […]

10 kinds of people: Sustainable practitioners and the guzzlers

July 26, 2007


The world is made up of 10 kinds of people: those who are sustainable practitioners and those who aren’t (OK, old computing joke). Suggesting that there are only two groups is clearly far too simplistic, but we need to know where people are so that we can work with them for the better. The fourth […]

Agenda encourages and empowers computing education for sustainability

July 16, 2007


Following up on the NACCQ policy statement on computing education for sustainability, here is the agenda for achieving this vision. We hope that it is empowering and engaging. It is deliberately both top down and bottom up. It is deliberately both incremental and transformative. It is deliberately aimed at the champions and the “ordinary lecturer”. […]

New policy makes sustainability a priority for computing education

July 15, 2007


In what we think is a world first, Computing Education for Sustainability is now a  priority for NZ computing. The NACCQ represents most of New Zealand’s computing educators (all Institutes of Technology, all Polytechnics, with representation by some Universities), its conference is supported by the ACM’s SIGCSE. We are very happy to report that the […]

An Agenda for Computing Education for Sustainability

July 5, 2007


Pulling things together: here is a draft agenda for developing effective Computing Education for Sustainability (CEfS). 1.          Work with the wider computing community to envisage and articulate a role for computing and computing professionals in a sustainable future. 2.          Work with the wider computing community to articulate a discipline response to sustainability. This may take […]

Environment hardly features in dying discipline

July 3, 2007


In discussions on the British Computer Society, McBride  questions whether computer science is a dying discipline (a subsequent outcry refutes this, see Mander, but McBride’s points are still valid).  McBride sees relevance of Computer Science courses as the major problem, in essence he says the training is CS but the jobs are IT: “the gap […]