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Sustaining Dunedin’s Heritage

August 16, 2007


We’re just starting a major project to visualise every Dunedin building, ever. We’re aiming for a 3D immersive environment for any given date (perhaps with a timeline slider). In addition to the general coolness and education value, we’re hoping that it can be used as a modelling tool, say if some wants a new development […]

Willard’s 5 stages

June 15, 2007


Bob Willard identifies five stages of an organisations adoption of sustainability. I think these are very useful – it helps give context to problems and decisions. I’m re-looking at the skip and the Green RFP, wondering where my profession and organisations fit on this continuum. To skip to the bottom, it may be presumptuous to […]

Sustainabilityness of Tate’s Sustainable Software Development

May 25, 2007


In Capitalism 3.0 Barnes used computing as a metaphor for a paradigm change in the world’s operating system. This gives us a new twist: at an abstract level (rather than infrastructural) to what extent are computing and sustainability already intertwined? Software engineering has perhaps already adopted a sustainable approach without explicitly realising it – Agile […]

Computers in Barnes’ Capitalism

May 21, 2007


I’ve been quoting from Barnes’ Capitalism 3.0 for a few weeks (the entire book is on a creative commons licence at A couple of quotes I like: Technology, of course, greatly magnifies our impact on the planet, but technology by itself is mere know-how. It’s the choice of technologies, and the scale at which […]