There’s a word for that: Anupholesteraphobia

Posted on October 15, 2013


I found myself reading a book on music performance (long story). I like this page, and this awesome word:

Anupholesteraphobia: The fear of not being able to cover the material.

We could replace music with any discipline for quite a bit of insight. In education those of us who advocate Education for Sustainability see it as the context, a basis for deeper learning, or even a reason for learning. Others see yet something else to cram into an overcrowded curriculum. In industry, sustainability is usually seen as compliance or perhaps something extra to do that might improve sales. Cramming more stuff into what the business has to do to make money.

I believe this fear, this unfortunately unpronounceable word, is behind much of the resistance to change we’re seeing. The solution is deeper learning, not cramming more stuff in.

from Dawn Bennett’s book Understanding the Classical Music Profession: The Past, the Present and Strategies for the Future.