Down to Earth refilled my glass

Posted on April 13, 2009


My faith was somewhat restored today when I sat down to organise the photos from my trip.    There are indeed passionate and committed people in Boston, they’re just hard to find.    Fortunately I stumbled on the Boston sustainability expo: Down to Earth (or D2E). While not in the same league as Dott, it was nevertheless an enjoyable insight into the sustainable side of Boston (flickr slide show).

Described as aimed at the “eco-conscious consumer”, the expo was mostly businesses selling their green wares. There was a full range from building (mostly solar and triple glazing), kitchens, paint, roofing and gardening.  In amongst the general businesses and organic food supply (lots of variations on coffee) there was a couple of surprises – an insurance company equating green with safe practice, and a green credit card.  

This was a nice twist on a reward credit card system – you get green credits for using a credit card.  This one had me stumped for a while – are you getting green points without doing anything?    I was thinking of it the wrong way around, the developer said, instead of “free” think “cost” – everything you buy has an environmental cost  – this recognises that cost and puts money into a green trust. 

Here are my favourites:

We add up (watch out everyone, it’s my Christmas shopping done early).

Down to Earth BostonDown to Earth Boston

A fashion show and exhibit from a design school (although they admitted that the green designs stemmed from passionate students rather than any curricula focus). 

Down to Earth Boston

Ecosignals did some great work engaging kids and released a manifesto (Christina Lanzl)

In view of the fact that in any future climate change is expected to cause unforeseen global impacts, everyone can and should make a difference by channeling their positive creative energy and put it into practice in the form of personal resolution, grassroots action and the institution of policies. We believe that each individual has an important role to play in shaping the political and economic process by which we will effectively address climate change, including by reducing his or her own carbon footprint, by peaceful protest and by urging regulation and reform. The goal is to achieve collective change in order to secure our future.

Down to Earth Boston
I was very impressed by the Youth Climate Action Network, and wish them well in their goal of getting sustainabilility recognised by Massachusetts education system. 

Down to Earth Boston
 New England Aquarium take a holistic approach to education and work with school groups but also industry.  One of their goals is to work the length of the supply chain to create integrated sustainable food systems.

Down to Earth Boston
State government support for buy local campagin: MassGrown.

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