eLivingCampus on to iteration three

Posted on October 22, 2008


eLivingCampus iteration two client presentation

As you know, our software engineering classes are developing the information systems that will power the LivingCampus.  At the end of the second iteration student groups have presented their functional deliverables to the clients (flickr).

In teaching the Agile Development Framework we focus on the development cycle in the first two iterations.   Although the cycle has many agile components, it is not until the third iteration where we really see the pay off of the agility.   We run the third iteration as a mini-project, with a focus on applying the agile techniques for the class as a whole to deliver a robust system that is in use before the end of the project.   Student groups are self managing and working with other groups to produce an overall system. 

Iteration 3, group projects

Groups have now gone through the evaluation and functional requirement sectors of the third iteration.  The individual projects have been combined into one.  Different teams have taken on different roles: visual search; sustainability games; school support; volunteer management and so on.    Groups are using scrum etc as they work within tight timeframes towards the end of the semester.



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