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eLivingCampus Presentations

November 26, 2008


As you know, our software engineering classes are developing the information systems that will power the LivingCampus. Last week the groups gave their final presentations to their clients – Paula and Michelle. I was really impressed how the realisation that the LivingCampus is “more than a garden” came through in the students’ work. Their systems […]

eLivingCampus on to iteration three

October 22, 2008


As you know, our software engineering classes are developing the information systems that will power the LivingCampus.  At the end of the second iteration student groups have presented their functional deliverables to the clients (flickr). In teaching the Agile Development Framework we focus on the development cycle in the first two iterations.   Although the […]

eLivingCampus wireframes and paper prototyping

October 22, 2008


Robert Fulghum famously wrote that all he really needed to know he learned in kindergarten.  He meant, of course, the important stuff like sharing and not hitting, but perhaps he also meant cutting out.    In the development of the eLivingCampus we’ve been doing just that with our paper based prototyping.  We first develop wireframe […]

eLivingCampus Dialogue diagrams

October 21, 2008


The Agile Development Framework we’re following for the development of the eLivingCampus is very much user focussed.   We’ve just spent a few days developing dialogue diagrams that explore possible flows of interaction.  The basis for this process is an analysis of each task (person interacting with a functional requirement = a task). I think […]

Dealing with the devil? Sponsorship ethics for LivingCampus

September 16, 2008


Our colleague Brian has a jacket for a favourite race-car team.   It has fascinated me since he got it.  What sort of negotiation went on that sees a smoking company and a quit-smoking company jostling for position on the same arm? Brian’s jacket has been on my mind the last couple of days following […]

Processes and entities for eLivingCampus

September 8, 2008


 We’ve moved beyond – “we’re building a map/kiosk/database of the livingcampus” to “we’re building a system to support the management of the living campus – we’re focussing on school groups, for example a school group of thirty year 4s will be visiting the living campus to undertake activities that fit in with both what is […]

Audience map for eLivingCampus

August 14, 2008


Audience mapping was used by student groups to identify stakeholders of the Living Campus project. Ethics is an important component of the Agile development framework (earlier post). We strongly believe that ethics should be integrated, and the best way of doing this is from the start. The Living Campus student groups have been identifying stakeholders […]