SciCity finalist in TUANZ

Posted on November 7, 2007


We’ve had a long standing partnership with the Otago Museum, together we’ve done some really fun projects, mostly in the arena of bringing digital interactivity to science education.  

One of Otago Museum’s most exciting team members is Amos Mann (no relation).   A couple of years ago we collaborated on the SciCards project.   Now their SciCityproject is a finalist in the Education section in New Zealand’s premier computing awards – the TUANZ Business Internet Awards.

SciCity is a Sims/second-life like environment but done with a science education purpose.  The neat thing at SciCity though, is like SciCards, they get away with this – the clever and engaging interactivity means kids are not put off by the thinly disguised science.

Visitors are encouraged to build skills, increase confidence and create communities while exploring educative environments

Well done Amos and Otago Museum, it is good to see this project getting the recognition it deserves.