User generated game increases awareness of spatial environments

Posted on October 26, 2007


hidenseek1.jpgA demonstration stood out for me this morning at ICHIM. Hide’n’seek is a simple idea to increase engagement with user generated trails (

Each game becomes a weaving of memories based on experiences, clues, questions, challenges, and pictures that can allow a heightened awareness of space

This gives:

placed based knowledge without maps

Thierry and Michael demonstrated both a handheld device (with communication between host and guest via a webserver) and an earlier paper-based prototype (actually I liked the paper better). For simplicity of use they had made a decision not to have any georeferencing or image recognition. Unfortunately this precludes the system adding any extra context, or building up of knowledge.

In talking with them I realised that the benefits were not just for the guest – the host would benefit in looking at their environment in a way that combines their accumulated experience and a fresh set of eyes. My cousin Richard Smith works for Living Streets in the UK. Among their toolkit is the Walkability Audit. Hide’n’seek iswould be a nice complement to this approach.

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