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Sustainable Lens: A visual guide

December 23, 2011


It started out as notes for a designer, turned into a page with 100K hits, and now (drumroll..)… “Sustainable Lens: A visual guide”. Sustainable Lens traces the development of sustainability through its representation in diagrams. Sustainable Lens presents a model for seeing the world through a sustainability-driven perspective. Sustainable Lens is laid out in such […]

Sustainable Lens: Resilience on Radio

March 30, 2011


So, let’s make a radio show we said.  And make a radio show we’re doing.  And it’s a blast.  And, dare I say it, it’s good. Sustainable Lens: Resilience on Radio has now had five shows (podcasts from     Each week Anton Angelo, Shane Gallagher and me talk with an invited guest, all through […]

Extra-dimensional sustainability?

March 17, 2011


Last night I went to a talk by Professor Lawrence Krauss (famous for writing, amongst other things – The Physics of Star Trek). The subject of Krauss’ talk was the question of whether there are hidden dimensions and whether there is evidence in the natural (physical world) for them – or is it just something […]

Borrowing from Terminator: A Sustainable Lens?

February 24, 2011


Here’s a draft of a position paper we’re working on (numbered references at the end).   Feedback most welcome. In this paper we propose a “Sustainable Lens”- both actual and conceptual – to assist in acting as a Sustainable Practitioner.  We describe how the complexities of everyday sustainable activities go beyond simple resource visualisations. More abstract […]