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Delicate bridges

October 31, 2007


In the last session of ICHIM07 David and Jennifer introduced a video of Makkuni Ranjit’s work Eternal Gandhi. Tactile computers become traditional interfaces – the acts are not of mice and screens but of turning a prayer wheel, chanting in groups and weaving quilts. There was a strong sustainability message. Ghandi organised villages into sustainable […]

Transformation in a spiky world

October 30, 2007


Kati Geber from Services Canada and organiser David Bearman from Archives & Museum Informatics presented a framework for considering transformations within social memory organisations. There is a full paper, here are my notes, some quotes and my thoughts. Kati and David asked six experts (Shneiderman etc) to rate the potential impact of 25 technology developments. […]

SimPa graphic

October 27, 2007


Quite a number have asked for a copy of the graphical overview of the SimPa process (briefly shown in my and Khyla’s paper). So here it is. In a series of layers it describes tells several stories: the story of Huriawa pa; the telling of the story of Huriawa pa; it tells the story of […]

Community of heritage practice (if you’re a government employee)

October 27, 2007


Alan Bentley argues there is a need… to think more holistically about technology as not only a set of digital capacities inside heritage organizations, but also as a new and more participative process of how heritage organizations should work in a digital society. But it seems to me that they are struggling to look beyond […]

Viewing the “view zone” breaks down virtual barriers

October 26, 2007


Laura Pecchioli and Fawzi Mohamed have a good approach to overcoming the dual problems of integration of context information into virtual worlds and the connection of those virtual worlds to the real one. They have developed a system, ArchApp that links context information to 3d environments by means of a view zone. In their prototype […]