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Sustainable Computing meets Ecologically Engaged Art

May 6, 2009


As I am reminded several times a day via  gmail’s pop-up, my friend Lloyd Godman describes himself as an “Ecological Artist”.  At CHI this year, Carl DiSalvo (along with Kirsten Boehner, Nicholas Knouf and Phoebe Sengers) explored what sustainable HCI can learn from such ecologically engaged art.   They argue that radical shifts in design are needed for […]

Persuasive guidelines for behaviour change

May 6, 2009


 A theme of CHI for me this year was behaviour change.  This reflects the growing recognition that technology is at best only part of a solution.  Sunny Consolvo and her colleagues presented an interesting set of design strategies that support behaviour changes in everyday life (paper). They propose that persuasive technology developed following their guidelines will […]

Fridge door sustainability

May 6, 2009


Yesterday I was reviewing my notes on Ron Wakkary’s Rethinking users as creative everyday designers.   He gives an example of a family calendar to illustrate his argument that sustainable interaction design will be promoted by thinking about the users as everyday designers.   What he didn’t say was that calendar was part of a family’s […]

Rethinking users as creative everyday designers

May 5, 2009


Ron Wakkary and Karen Tanenbaum argue that by adopting a conception of the user as a creative everyday designer we can  generate a new set of design principles that promote sustainable interaction design: Everyday design offers a formal lens through which to reconsider interactions with and the use of designed artifacts in the home. The everyday designer is a […]

Pencil Envy: Good Design is Sustainable Design

March 8, 2009


The designers have done it again – proving once again that computing has largely missed the boat on what it means to be a sustainable discipline (see earlier design accord and design manifesto).    Here’s the opening line from the Queensland Design Strategy 2020:  Good design is sustainable design. This definition comes from the British […]