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Pencil Envy: Good Design is Sustainable Design

March 8, 2009


The designers have done it again – proving once again that computing has largely missed the boat on what it means to be a sustainable discipline (see earlier design accord and design manifesto).    Here’s the opening line from the Queensland Design Strategy 2020:  Good design is sustainable design. This definition comes from the British […]

Michael Braungart bumper stickers

August 31, 2008


Michael Braungart is in NZ for the Better-by-Design CEO summit. He was in an interview with Kim Hill on Saturday (audio from RNZ). Kim did a fabulous job and the interview was highly entertaining. Braungart must face a lot of inane questions from other interviewers, at the end of the interview he thanked her her […]

Popup Ecozoo

July 17, 2008


I’m a great fan of pop-ups. I use them in teaching interaction design. I have a skeleton for a book that goes like this “computing interactivity is based on the ultimate in paper based design from 30 years ago – the library card or bank book. Most of our HCI aims to replicate that database […]

Designers engage every client in sustainability while computing checks the light switch (maybe)

April 7, 2008


Our Design School has just been accepted into the Designers Accord. They (we, even as I teach Interaction for design) are early educational adopters – one of only 5 educational institutions worldwide. The Designers Accord envisions a creative community where the principles of sustainable design are seamlessly integrated into all practice and production: Our mission […]

Of course the twitching always gets more intense at the end of the evening

December 2, 2007


IFTF recently posted Visualizing Future Stories: A Day in the Life of a Designer, 2030: Tom Klinkowstein and Irene Pereyra‘s exhibit of their wall-sized diagram called “A Day in the Life of a Networked Designer’s Smart Things or A Day in a Designer’s Networked Smart Things, 2030” (link to pdf) This is a stunning piece […]

Wouldn’t it be great if…

October 22, 2007


   I think that the two biggest dangers of the sustainability message (worse perhaps than it being ignored entirely) is that it be boring and and it be preachy.  Both of these are guaranteed to defeat the message.   The organisers of the DoTT07 Festivalwere able to showcase several initiatives that were the very opposite of boring […]

Participatory storytelling to recapture countryside

October 21, 2007


I had two main reasons for my visit to the UK; sustainability education; and to talk about our development of models of participatory interactive storytelling.  Totally unexpectedly (well perhaps not to me!), these two came together when I had a long talk with Beth Davidson from the Mapping the Necklace project at the DoTT07 Festival. […]