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Island thinking

February 10, 2008


We were in Auckland recently and in a spare day took the ferry over to Waiheke Island (think suburb of Auckland). Walking down the street, who should we bump into but our old friend Logan Muller. His family have lived on the island since the 1930s. Logan pointed us to the Waste Resource Trust. This […]

Community of heritage practice (if you’re a government employee)

October 27, 2007


Alan Bentley argues there is a need… to think more holistically about technology as not only a set of digital capacities inside heritage organizations, but also as a new and more participative process of how heritage organizations should work in a digital society. But it seems to me that they are struggling to look beyond […]

Participatory storytelling to recapture countryside

October 21, 2007


I had two main reasons for my visit to the UK; sustainability education; and to talk about our development of models of participatory interactive storytelling.  Totally unexpectedly (well perhaps not to me!), these two came together when I had a long talk with Beth Davidson from the Mapping the Necklace project at the DoTT07 Festival. […]